About Me

Originally from the Isle of Wight in England, my partner Tom and I moved to Australia in 2007. When we arrived I was quickly offered a job as a Project Manager in a large corporation which kept me busy until one day several years later in a yoga class I experienced an overwhelming excitement at suddenly discovering my passion. I signed up for my first yoga teacher training course then and there, and I haven't stopped learning since.


Yoga and the various healing modalities I have explored over the past few years, and specifically the crystal bed, have been a wonderous catalyst of transformation. It feels as if I have moved from a place of mediocre into one of magic...from average into abundance...and from when/where/why and into wonder.


And that is why, in a nutshell, I have such a passion to share with you these incredibly exciting, miraculous, life changing, practical and achievable healing practices. 




Power Living Yoga 200hr Teacher Training 

Power Living Yoga Art of Assisting Training

Power Living Yoga Advanced Assisting Training

Power Living Yoga Level 3 Training

Power Living Yoga Being of Purpose Anatomy Training

Baptiste Power Yoga Institute Level 1 Teacher Training

Crystal Bed Practitioner Workshop

Reiki Level I and II



"I look forward to meeting you and understanding

how we can work together to acheive your health

and wellness goals."

                            Emma x

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Hello, I have moved away from Sydney to be with family in the UK. If you would like a Crystal Bed Session in the UK please click HERE [please check back - link coming soon].